Pelyonas, out in the east kingdoms, is an ancient pine forest. The legendary Trueoak, where Dellan and Filiun live, is letting its energy free due to some type of magick corruption. A dark spell, obviously, has been causing this. The energy is peaceful and used for good, but if its let loose, it can cause many problems and spread to other Forests: Delyonas, ancient forest of the north, Relyonas, ancient forest of the south, and Telyonas the ancient forest of the west. In the heart of trueoak, Filiun is looking for a way to save the great oak. There are needs for adventurers, adventures to save Pelyonas, for it is King Hepim’s demand, to travel into trueoak… seek the great Sorcerer Filiun, and the great Warrior Dellan…find a way to cure this tree.

Pelayonas: The ancient forest of the east